Friday, February 22, 2008

Update on Connor

Since it has been a while, here is an update on Connor.

He is now 6 1/2 months old now! Can you believe it? He is sitting up on his own, eating fruits and veggies, and rolling over. He just recently started jumping up and down every single time you have him stand up.

We had people over the other night and they said something funny, so we all started laughing, and Connor just started laughing uncontrollably. It's funny how he has no idea what they are saying, but he wants to get into the conversation as well.

We took him for his 6 month pictures a couple of weeks ago, and they just loved him to death! He was so easy to photograph, so she kept taking picture after picture of him. We were in and out of there, and had PLENTY of pictures. We spent a little too much on every picture imaginable, but that's what new parents do. :) They had us sign a photo release for Connor's pictures, so that they could send the pictures in and hopefully he will have a spot on the wall at our nearest JcPenney Photo Studio.

But, all in all, Connor is just growing up way too fast. He LOVES visitors...especially if the visitors are here to see him. Hehe. He will be crawling and then walking before I know it. Better get the house baby-proofed soon!

We finally have Internet!

To all of you who look at my blog all the time, and never see anything new....I am sorry. We finally got the internet at home, so now I will try to keep everything updated.